722.9 transmission pan torque specs

14. With the engine running get the transmission up to operating temperature (180-200°F). This may take some time as we typically see a 10°F drop in average fluid temperature with the deep pan installed. Check the transmission fluid level and add fluid in increments of 1/4-1/2 quart until the proper level is achieved. 15. After warming up the ... thats what the manual shows just like the pic shown below, so go for it. The pan gets damaged easily if torqued a little over the specs (i was unfortunate) and make sure you torque the drain plug properly if torqued a little less than specs it will start to leak from the plug itself and its best to change the drain plug gasket as well as for the gasket on the pan itself. 36 ft lbs ( not inch ... Re: Transmission Pan Gasket on TH425 « Reply #3 on: July 09, 2019, 05:24:35 PM » Cork gaskets, even torquing at hornetball suggests and before replacing the pan, make sure the bolt holes are on an even plane with the rest of the sealing surface. Torque Specifications: Stage 1 - Tighten to 10 Nm (88.51 in-lbs) Stage 2 - Turn an additional 90 degrees CONVERTER HOUSING (Die-cast aluminum) INTERMEDIATE PANEL GASKET (Aluminum sheet coated with elastomer - 220 277 16 14) TRANSMISSION HOUSING (Die-cast magnesium) NEW BOLTS AND INTERMEDIATE PLATE PACKAGE KIT PART NUMBER - 600 0000 64 10 I pulled the below torque specs straight from the 04 STI service manuals. are these torque values correct? they seem pretty low to me, could they be a typo We actually did some studies when develioping our oil pan and deciding on flange thickness.Transmission pan bolts torque. Diggsies. Member. 2007 ford freestar. 3.9L. 50,000 miles. I found that on Alldata. It's an excellent manual and I went under transmission torque specs. With that, it should be correct. Please feel free to let me know if I can help.Feb 05, 2016 · Was going to do the auto box fluid change on my ML-420 this weekend. Pump and adaptor - check Star - check Filter, oil, bolts - check Torque wrench to tighten the new drain pan bolts - 3 different ones, but none that go down to 4Nm. Torque specs for C4 pan? Can someone tell me what the torque specs for the pan bolts on the C4 pan? Looks like the PO broke one off in the transmission, so I pulled the pan and backed it out, but I want to be sure of the specs before I put it back on. All this has allowed improvement to the automatic aisin transmission AW 55-50SN -51SN. Service and repair work of automatic transmission AW 55-50SN -51SN were simplified. This modification was made on the basis of the four-speed transmission from the Aisin company. A special feature of this modification is the active use of automated systems. Jun 03, 2020 · Transmission Pan Torque Specs. Discussion in '3rd Gen Tundras (2014+)' started by chasenicholas93, Jun 2, 2020. Post Reply. Jun 2, 2020 at 4:55 PM #1 #1. This part is New and fits your 722.9. Pan is an important part of 722.9 transmission. On go4trans.com you will find best deals from worldwide suppliers of New, Aftermarket parts for 722.9 and other automatic transmissions. Information about basic repairs for 722.9 can be read here. I used the rubber gasket from the kit and torqued the pan bolts to 165 in-lbs. I cleaned the surfaces well, hand tightened bolts, snugged in a criss-cross pattern, & torqued to 165 in-lbs. The gasket is now leaking. I remember the NAPA instruction had a lower torque value, but I cannot remember the value and threw away the instructions. ALL TORQUE SPECS IN #-Ft. UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. NOTE: ALL Blind Holes MUST be cleaned and blown out before assembly. Torque-To-Yield Bolts MUST NOT be reused. APPLICATION: / TORQUE SPEC: AC Compressor Bolts / 37 AC Compressor Bracket Bolts / 37 AC Idler Pulley Bolts / 37 AC Tensioner Bolt / 18 AIR Pipe to Exhaust Manifold / 15 Camshaft ... Transmission pan for the 5-speed automatic transmission in the 5 cylinder T1N transmission and the 6 cylinder NCV3 Sprinter models. Mercedes... $116.00/ea: Torque Converter Drain Plug w/ Seal 8mm (722.9) New replacement drain plug with seal for the torque converter for the Mercedes Benz 7-speed 722.9 transmission. The seal is not Get detailed info and specs on premium Raybestos Powertrain 4T45E Transmission parts to deliver quality performance and reliability on your next 4T45E rebuild. Question on torque specs that I can't find it anywhere even google doesn't know! I just pulled my head, got it on the bench and started taking out the rest of the parts that I didn't have to lay across the top of the Valves to get to. Transmission pan torque specs for 2005 chevy silverado? 15 to 20 PSI, using a 1/4" drive ratchet with the corrcet socket, you should get it right by just using your wrist to tighten the bolts, watch as you do this the gasket will slightly move. enough torque. seal your new gasket to your pan with a thin film...Pan Pans, Crankcase, Oil Pan. Parts Catalog. For this transmission, Mercedes engineers used the controlled slipping of the of the torque converter frictions, which starts from the first gear. The whole family of 722.9 transmissions is sensitive to issues with fluid shortages and its contamination.722.900, 722-900, 722900, M215, 7G-Tronic, 7GTronic Are you torquing the bolts to specs? Tighter isn't always better, it'll deform the pan & it will leak. :frown: I had some custom work done on my '03 & the oil pan had to be removed to weld in a return fitting. The performance shop tried twice to seal the pan & finally paid my dealership to do it.
FOLLOW: 10 14 mustang, mustang, s197 mustang, mustang coyote swap, torque specs When building your Coyote motor, having the right torque specs is key. Late Model Restoration's 5.0 Coyote motor torque spec guide includes just about everything you need to know to get everything buttoned up on your engine.

Displays real time torque values in any of four torque units. Many bolts that require torquing are also TTY (Torque to Yield) type bolts that require an additional angle turn (example, the transmission pan bolts for a Mercedes with 722.9 transmission, the bolts are 4Nm and additional 180 degree turn).

- There have been multiple revisions to the 722.9 transmission oil pan and overflow pipe depending on the model year. The overflow pipe is either black, white or green and they are not always interchangeable without also replacing the transmission oil pan.

It is very easy to replace the oil pan on our minivans, unlike GM cars that you have to cut the exhaust or the transmission is on the way before you get to the engine oil pan itself. But I think, if the new oil pan that I ordered has a straight or leveled mating surface, most probably 7 ft-lbs to 12 ft-lbs max torque will be good enough to stop ...

Downpipes - ?? Transmission Pan Bolt - 10Nm Transmission Drain Plug - 35Nm Transmission Fill Plug - 35Nm. This chart shows oil pan torque as 10nm... I know that is not correct for e9x 335i cars. The specs on that model is 8nm + 90º for small bolts and 8nm + 180º for...

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Drive flange nut, overdrive Type LH 55 to 60 manual transmission Converter to drive plate bolts 25 to 30 automatic transmission Transmission case to converter housing 8 to 13 automatic transmission Extension housing to transmission case 8 to 13 automatic transmission Oil pan to gearbox 8 to 13 automatic transmission

If this is the case, a new 722.9 torque converter will be required. 722.9 Transmission Specs. General – 7-speed automatic with 2 reverse gears Application – RWD & 4WD / AWD Production Began – 2004 (U.S. models) Case – Magnesium case with aluminum bell housing 7G Tronic 722.9 Transmission Fluid – Mercedes 001 989 45 03 Transmission Fluid / MB 236.14 ATF 7G Tronic 722.9 Transmission Fluid Capacity – 10 qts

B-Series Torque Specs. "TORQUE" "REMOVE" CONNECTING ROD BEARING CAP NUTS. "OEM" B16A2--30ft lbs. B18b1,B20B4,B20Z2--23ft lbs. B18C1--33ft lbs. CAMSHAFT COVER SPECS. 13, 9, 5, 1, 3, 7, 11 (side of cam cover closest to intake) Seat each camshaft by pushing it towards the dizzy side of cylinder head. VALVE COVER SPECS. Pan Bolt Torque = 20 ft lbs 1996 K3500 6.5L,( "F" Eng #141 cast block) NV4500, crewcab, dually,Diamond Eye 4" Turbo Back Exhaust w/2.5" Flo-Pro Crossover, AirDog II DF165 w/ tank sock,delete,TD-Max boost controller,OPS extension hose,Glow Plug Harness,Glowshift Maxtow gauges,Boost & Fuel Pressure Bolts,2/0 Battery Cable Upgrade,PMD Re-Location ... ATS Deep Transmission Pan, 618 / 727 / 47RH / 47RE / 48RE, 1990-2007 Dodge 5.9L 12V / 24V / CR Cummins Blau F2A1520-K Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Kit - Compatible with 2010-15 Mercedes GLK250, GLK350 w/ 7 Speed Automatic (Fits Only 722.9 Plus Transmission with Blue Fluid) 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 $184.64